Question about the V-22 Osprey

Hi folks. I’m building a kit of the tilt rotor copter from the movie Avatar. I want to display it in a right bank turn. I’m trying to determine a position for the rotors. The only current aircraft I can think of to relate it to is the V-22 Osprey. I’ve looked at a lot of photos on the net of the Osprey in flight, including turns. In all these photos it appears that both the left and right rotors are positioned the same, e.g. parallel to each other. Also, the vertical and horizontal stabilizers on the tail do not appear to have changed positions. They are in vertical and horizontal positions. So my question is: how do the Ospreys turn in flight and how can I replicate that action on my kit? Thanks in advance for your input.

When the Osprey is in horizontal, level (airplane) flight mode, it turns just like a airplane using ailerons, rudder, and elevators. When in vertical (helicopter) flight mode, the rotors change pitch just like a helicopter. The two sides change independently to control the turn. To move forward and to the rear, the engine nacelles tilt slightly forward or back to pull in that direction. I would image the Avatar helo would be controlled in the same manner.


Thanks Gino. That is what I assumed but wanted some clarification before I start gluing parts together. Much appreciated.