Question about this M1151

I’ve found this picture of Afghan army M1151. Can You tell me what is on the roof of this vehicle?
Turret with super structure or ?
Thank You for help
Chris from Poland

That resembles an arts and crafts project gone terribly wrong.

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Good luck with situational awareness in that thing. I never used any of that crap.
I’ve seen an Afghan house with a BTR turned on its side being used as a wall of the house.
That said, there’s no telling what’s in there. But if you told me it was the ass end of BRDM 2 cut up with the roof removed and turned upside down, so that you could only shoot the turret in a 60 degree frontal arc, I’d have to believe it.

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Could be something similar to this



it looks like rather than mounting the frame of the “structure” to the turret they framed out the whole top of the truck. I’m curious hoe the gun spins with out hitting the frame.

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