Question for DAK experts

Morning all, I know this may be a little off topic, but I purchased a small treasure chest type box to possibly use as a base. It is marked Afrika Korps on one end and NR. 57 and a palm tree on the other. Would any one know what the NR. 57 stands for? Thanks for any help. Wayne

Could you post a photo or more for the experts to look at?

Sorry, I don’t know how to post pictures on here.It is 7 7/8L by 5 5/8 W by 5 3/4 T cameltop with copper trim and nice hardware. It is missing 2 trim pieces on the front. The palm tree doesn’t have a swatstika. Wayne

If you have photos on your computer you simply drag and drop them into the post creation dialogue/window

Iwill try and take some in a bit andtry to post them, thanks.


Be careful not to open it. The Ark of the Covenant is inside. Very dangerous!


Nr. is apparently just a common German abbreviation for Number, so Number 57.

My rudimentary Google fu can’t place a unit with 57 (Regt, Bn etc…) in the DAK, but my I’m at a kindergarten level when it comes to knowledge of German ORBAT stuff.

The box it self strikes me as a souvenir though if it was custom made or something the locals were producing en mass is anyone’s guess.

Any other markings? What’s the inside like? Most importantly, where’d you get it?

I’m not an expert, although I like to act like one. Are you sure those markings are not just drawn on with a pencil? That’s definitely not the official DAK symbol.

Hi guys, the lettering is stenciled and the palm is drawn on. The inside is maroon cloth. I picked it up from a woman here on Facebook marketplace. She said her grandfather was in WW2, but she wasn’t sure where. I got it intending to make an insert and put a DAK vehicle inside on a base. I just figured if the markings meant something I could tie that in.

My guess is that this was some soldiers personal box,
maybe 57 was his number within the unit