Question for Frenchy

This concerns the website “Wehrmachts - Kisten” (WWll German ammo cases, boxes, etc.). I’ve had in my favorites for years and have regularly referred to it. I recently wanted to check something and found more than half the content missing! The site is still open but much of the stuff gone! French version the same as the English translation. If you have this site in your favorites (which you probably do!), do you have the same result? I should have downloaded it to a file, but didn’t!

I am not Frenchy so I should not reply. But in case any other is interested, the site seems to work fine for me.

Any body can answer, but I addressed Frenchy because the site in question is a French site, and Frenchy has just about everything filed. I’ve tried accessing the site from several sources but always the same - the site opens but most of the content are just little black squares (broken links?). It was not always like that, at least for me! Try it: Nouvelle page 0

Carlos has beaten me to it :wink: (I’ve got a life outside Armorama :slightly_smiling_face: )
This site works fine for me as well…

Here’s a page :

Do you see it ?


Funny enough, while that one page is OK, I drilled up to the home page and got this:

Those little black squares look a lot like broken links to me! At a guess I’d say the site page indexing has been borked…

I tried the link you posted. You are right about the little black squares, but if you click on them, the content opens up.

That’s weird… :thinking:

Here’s the same page, as seen on my screen :

I’m using Google Chrome


Barkingdigger is displaying exactly the same as what I get. And those little black boxes don’t open to content when I click on them. And I am using Google Chrome! Very annoying! That is a very good reference site! Another thing; all that missing content is visible for a couple of seconds when I open the site, then quickly disappears to the dreaded “black boxes”!

I just went back to it again and now it displays properly - how bizarre! Oh well, they do say to err is human, to really mess up takes a computer…