Question for Panther experts

On the late Panthers with the engine heaters, the cover plates, I know they are separate pieces but would they be fully closed / fully open or would they perhaps use 1 or 2 of the plates. It’s for a ‘Steel Wheel’ in the Ardennes. TIA.

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Hi Keith and welcome to Armorama! The cover plates on the crew heater are hinged in the middle and rotate open/closed fan style, so they can be any amount of closed the crew wants.

Ok, Thanks for the info.

The panels for the top of the exhaust fan tower were removable and stored off to the side when not used. The number was variable in order to change the amount of warm/hot air diverted into the crew compartment according to the needs of the crew and the weather.

This is actually a DML Panther kit with the AM Works PE set. However, I think it’s a pretty accurate representation.


The completed build:


Is that a kit you did Michael ? It’s very good, really like the layered chipping on it… If it was yours, what colour did you do the inside of the fan housing ?

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“If you want to know the detail, ask a modeler”… Many thanks. Great looking build by the way…

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That is, indeed, one of my own builds. I actually did a pretty in-depth build blog when I did it on the old Armorama site (and, IIRC, there was a photo feature put up). No idea if any of that old stuff still exists (the photos may have gone away during the “great Photobucket fiasco”).

(Somebody here might be able to find the original blog and photo feature. I checked my saved URLs and got a “file not found” error message.)

At any rate the interior of the fan tower was painted in raw primer red. I probably used Floquil Boxcar Red for this color, although I don’t recall exactly now (might have used Tamiya Hull Red?). The fan was brush painted a dull, flat silver since (I seem to recall) my research at the time suggested that the fans were cast aluminum.

Here’s an in-progress shot with the base colors on:


The ambush camouflage was done using the Ushi v.d.Rosten vinyl stencil over a factory pattern 3-color camo done with Tamiya mixes.