Question on LAV ADV kit

Hi there, I have the antiair version of Trumpeters LAV in my collection and it has a small PE fret included. Does the Eduard pe set for this kit add much to the build?


I don’t recall or seeing on the Eduard site where they made a set for the kit. They have a set for the base set. Worth it/adds is a personal choice on what you think. I don’t usually use all the pe in any set, either I cannot fold it right or 3D aspect of the plastic part looks better the 2d even if the shape is off. Sometimes that one or two pieces makes the difference to me and I will look for the pe at shows or reduced price but won’t buy at full retail.


IIRC aside from adding to the end cost of the model, it doesn’t add much else. Save your money.

Thanks for that. Money duly saved!

Thanks for that. I saw the set on fleabay. I like pe but seldom use all the pieces. A little bit of extra work folding and prepping and im usually happy with the results. Then again, I have very low expectations!

Somethings like screens, pe is usually easier and better then what I can do so it might be worth it for a project. I also don’t build every project to the nines either so I pick and choose when I spend the extra dough.

Those are actually included in the kit though, the LAV’s come with enough basic PE to do a decent model without breaking the bank. The C2, -R, and -M variants could use a little additional help beyond what’s in the box (C2 and -R especially). Just my thoughts, in the end it’s always up to the person building how much detail they want and how much they’re willing to spend.

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Good to know, I have the AD, R and I think basic around here but haven’t played with the plastic in years. Last one built was the Italeri TUA a long time ago.

The SLEP muffler shroud that Trumpeter includes in some of the kits can be safely left off and the legacy muffler used up to a point in the mid 2000’s, the shroud was removed because it was causing problems. IIRC the mechs said it had something to do with overheating or fires, all I know with certainty is that the shroud was rare to non-existent in Iraq whether a vehicle had gone through SLEP or not. Fortunately the legacy mufflers are still in the kits of the models with the SLEP shroud.

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