Question on MiG-31BM

Hello friends of civilized modelling,

I’ve a question on the MiG-31BM for all of you who know much more on russian/soviet aircraft that me:
Somewhere in the internet i’ve read, that the BM-model can carry the Kh-31 and also the Kh-59 missiles.
Now I’d like to know, if these missiles can be carried like two Kh-31 AND two Kh-59. Or only one of each or two of a kind?? Unfortunately I haven’t found a pic which shows the '31 carrying these weapons. :roll_eyes:
And can these missiles be carried under the belly of the beast, or just under the inner pylons of the wings??

In advance: thank you for your answers!!!


Hello Alex,
While I’m no expert on the Mig-31, I was able to find that it can carry 6 Kh-31, or 3 Kh-59 or 1 Kh-47. I think I got those right.
I also don’t know what combinations of those it would carry at once.

Hi Mark,

thanks for your quick answer, that helps me much. :+1:
Now I think, two Kh-59 and a mixture of R-60 and R-33 are a good combination for a '31BM.


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