Question on my dragon t28 kit

dragon 1:35 t28 super heavy tank
had this kit for a while just getting around to building it and the tracks are cracking/breaking
anyone know of a set of metal tracks or such that would work for this kit?
thanks for any info

The tracks dragon includes in most of their recent kits is notorious for doing this. Any Sherman HVSS tracks will work, but you will need at least 2 or 3 sets to get enough links to complete the 4 tracks. I’d steer clear of metal tracks as a result. Try looking at AFV Club’s range of plastic tracks as I believe they produce the same tracks as the T28 uses.

I’m not sure if technically the T28 had the same HVSS as the Sherman. I believe this was a mistake on Dragons side believing they were the same.
The 35th kit might be the same however.