Question regarding Dragon's "Tunisian Initial" Tiger I

G’day all
It’s been a while since I took the top off this box, so I’m a bit rusty on the option I’m pondering over now.
Concerning the outermost set of road wheels, Dragon give the option of using G1/G2 or G35. I read the brief synopsis Byrden has on his site about this kit, specifically that an extra 8 road wheels are provided to depict the slightly thicker rim seen on the earlier tanks.
Now to be brutally honest, I have looked at both G1 & G2 against G35 & can’t see any real difference regarding rim thickness - only difference I can see is the different bolt detail on the inside face. I went cross-eyed trying to find anything online about this rim thickness difference.
Can anyone here shed some light on which wheel I am supposed to use for the outer set?

Honestly we don’t know in most cases. Wheels of both types were available. Very few photos are good enough to show us what a Tiger is using.