Question regarding late (1945 ) war paint / camo on Fw 190 D9

Looking for enlightenment on the whys of this paint scheme . I am currently building a brace of Eduard Fw 190s . The Dora is 1945 time period. The forward portion of the underside of the wing is painted in the dark Brown Violet used on the upper surfaces ( looks very close to O.D. to me ). The rest of the wing underside is natural metal including flaps . The underside of the fuselage and ailerons are done in the usual light blue . Was this because of shortages at this point in the war ? That would explain the natural metal but what about the use of an upper surface color on the underside? Did they run out of Helleblau? I hope the Luftwaffe experten can answer this and pardon my ignorance - I’m a redcircles kind of guy .
Thanks- Richard