Questions about making a tarmack for Jets and Helicopters from form board

I have heard that you can use foam board as the basis of ground work and would be strong enough to mount aircraft/helicopters 1/72nd scale and larger.
I would like to know is this true about foam board being strong enough to hold aircraft models without the kits falling off the base? If not, what would be better?
I was thinking of using Plaster of Paris, but that seems to make the base to heavy. If anyone can help, please I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

i use this:

and without any effort you get this:

these plates are a kind of plastic, are fairly strong, click together, don’t weigh much and are made to serve as kitchen walls. They come with a “concrete” finish.
I am just looking for a method to easily scribe them into concrete slabs

These boards are indeed like wood flooring but the intention is to use them to cover walls instead. the back of the boards have ribs so that glue can easy stick to them.

But you can use them as display board on their own without the need for an additional bottom (if you don’t overdo it with the weight you put on them :slight_smile: )

In Belgium these are available in packs in many DIY shops such as Brico planet; I am sure that they are, probably under another name also availabel in other parts of the world.

I want to use a pack or two to build an airfield :slight_smile: