Questions on the Israeli 1/72nd scale M-51/50 Sherman

I would like to know who makes the most accurate model in 1/72nd scale of the M-51/50 Sherman?
If there is no kits out there then what kit(s) would be best in terms of accuracy and detail?
if there is not a kit, I would like to know an itemized list of what is needed to build this to make it accurate.
Thank you.

Hi Chris

I’ve always liked the M-50/51 Sherman and I have made them both, but I went the resin model and conversion route. Back in the day, Cromwell Models made a M-51 and I built that. They are now out of production, but Modell Trans makes a M-50 and M-51 Dragon conversion. They also made an early M-50 conversion and a M-50 HVSS kit, but I don’t know if those are still available. Model Minature makes a M-50 Trumpeter conversion and I built that one. I don’t know how accurate these conversions and kits are, but I think they look awesome! If it’s plastic you are looking for, I don’t know of any M-50/51 kits that are made in 1/72 scale. The only kit I can think of is the Trumpeter French M4. It is very basic and has a M-51 type turret and gun. This might be a good starting point if you want to start from scratch and build an M-51. I hope this helps a little and good luck with your project. Decals for M-50/51’s are available, I just can’t remember who makes them off hand right now.

thank you for the information!