Questions regarding Panthers G / F

I’ve long noticed both with models and artwork that wires (?) are depicted as being drawn through the turret foliage loops.

That said, I have never seen any photographic evidence for this. What is the reason for this? Is it another fad like red primer main gun barrels? Or something else?

Also, I am not clear on what color engine fans and intakes ought to be. Any advice is most appreciated. The Osprey book depicts them as red. Is this correct?

Thank you in advance.

The wires were used to secure larger branches to the turret side. Otherwise only tiny branches could be inserted vertically through the loops themselves. This applies to the G variant.

No Panther F tanks were ever completed with the Schmalturm. An Ausf. G hull was modified so the prototype F turrets could be tested, and Daimler Benz delivered at least one F hull in April, 1945, that was fitted with a G turret (photographed in Berlin after the fighting).

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This is the former Littlefield Ausf A under restoration.

Another Ausf A from my collection of photos.

Panther A engine compartment (2017_09_08 23_47_37 UTC)

Not finding a G, although the cover of Osprey’s Panther Variants by Jenzt and Doyle shows a cut-away of an Ausf G, also with grey fans.

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My understanding of the fans is that they were cast from aluminum and left in “the white” (i.e. bare metal finish).

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Yes, you are correct and I am in error. I don’t have my Osprey book handy and must be thinking of something else.

Thank you so much!

The hub of the fan above — what is the correct color here? It looks a bit corroded and weather-beaten.

Here’s another engine compartment shot.

The fan hubs appear to be a different color, but what? In the color photo they appear to be Dunkelgelb.
Clearly shows the natural aluminum of the fans here.

A Saumur restoration.

I always thought they were a brass/bronze finish, but the link for the Saumur one that Paska put in just look like normal bare alloy ?

In the last image I posted, the radiators appear to be in red primer, in the color image they appear to be bare aluminum or light grey paint.