Quick Tip : Making coiled handset cable

I’m working on the comms equipment for an M113 ACAV and it comes time to make a mic wire. I use stretched sprue for any number of things and mic wire is one of those things but it’s a hassle getting a good tight wrap useing a twist drill or some similar round device the proper size . . until a moment ago when I rigged this up . .20201126_113310|690x388

It’s just a simple crank handle made from stiff wire with a loop at the handle end, just lay enough of one end of your sprue or wire in the loop and holding the sprue close at the wrapping stem start cranking . . .

. . . maybe not for everybody but it’s handy when you need a springy thingy :blush:


Thats really helpful, Thanks!

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It is much easier to use thin solder or fuse wire wrapped around a needle in my opinion.

I’ve never found solder the right gauge for handset coil, the little crank I made just makes it easier for me to wind a tight coil. Needles are kinda pokey but I get your meaning. If you’re getting acceptable results no need to change.

An alternative thats pretty easy, I tie my own flies for fly fishing and a good fly shop has spools of lead wire that we wrap around hook shanks for weight on nymphs, very fine diameter, already on a spool and very fine diameters obviously to reproduce insanely small nymphs that we then throw around streams with rods that cost more than my monthly truck payment. I need fewer hobbies! However I’d recommend everyone look that way for thin tinsel for straps, very fie lead wire etc. Glad to know in someway some of my hobbies can overlap in unintended ways. Now if I can find a modeling use for all the feathers I’ve accumulated from turkey hunting that I havnt tied into flies yet…

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Well this is interesting, the last copper wire I purchased was the right size but too rigid, not quite pliable enough. I found the below lead wire at J.Stockard Flyfishing . . .

Maybe you’re better at converting decimal measurements, which would be closest to 26 gauge?

0.010 "-$2.95, 0.015 "-$2.95, 0.020 "-$2.95, 0.025 "-$2.95

Google said .018 is closest to 26 gauge, I’d grab the the 0.015 and 0.020. I think you’ll find one of those will give the effect, super soft and easy to work with, takes paint just fine. heck I even use some for various grab handles. I’m not at home so cant check mine but I think I ended up with everyone shown over the years of tying flys. Take a look for ribbing material also, its usually on a spool also and can act as straight or softly bent lines for brakes and conduit. I think mine is some sort of vinyl but has very little memory so cant do this application that you are after but handy just the same. Glad my suggestion might have been of value to you!

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I’ll give it a try. :+1:

you could try this idea that i found on youtube


LOL! After watching him fumble with the drill motor I think I’ll stick with my little crank. It was entertaining to watch the vid though. This device I made is pretty handy, it’s stuck to a magnet right there on my mag-lamp arm and I just grab it and crank one out. The trick to a good coil regardless of your preferred material is a consistent wind which I have trouble acheiving when I try to wrap around a stiff wire or stick . Glad you shared a different method though, it may come in handy for a different application.


Looks like a good way to make a palm tree.

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After seeing your post I went back and watched the “whole” video and I agree this technique and materials would make a pretty decent palm tree trunk. Thanks for pointing that out. Thinking outside the box is easier with another’s perpective and thanks again to herr Klauss for sharing the toot. I have palm tree trunks on my dio project but they’re made from celluclay and they’re brittle and at least one has broken. Well cool, exchangeing info and learning new tricks of the trade is what this is all about right!


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I think so. I too also need a palm tree and this looked like good why to get their.

I use fly tying wire which is often sold as lead wire .
Most of the outdoor sporting stores carry it