Raupenschlepper A/M Sprockets?

Hi all, I have the Italeri RSO/01 kit, and am currently looking for some aftermarket drive/idler sprockets.

I have found two sets on scalemates, as below, either of which i’d be happy with, but I cannot find them available to purchase anywhere at all……

Does anyone know where these can be purchased from? or does anyone know of some alternatives? (is there a website for products from the brand “Tank” ??)

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The first one, their website link on Scalemates takes you to a site in Russian for the World of Tanks online game.

The other one does not show the RSO parts in their inventory. In fact everything is some kind of diorama accessory except for a set of Panther wheels and tow cable eyelets.

Think these are a dead end.

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Royal Model makes a set.

Looks like Royal Model makes a stowage set for an RSO, and an etch/detailing set as well, but I couldn’t find any sprockets by them?

I built the same Italeri kit a couple of years ago. I used the Friul tracks which conveniently come with cast metal drive sprockets. Good fit. I recommend.

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Looks like they have the company logo in PE for the sprocket hub.

David. The Italeri RSO tracks are usually very stiff and break very easily. Have you considered replacing them too? Then you have the option of Model Kasten that has sprockets as well as the tracks, if you can find them. These tracks were originally designed for the Italeri kit:


Also be aware, Fruil changed their ATL-29 set to fit the Dragon RSO’s. Their first ATL-29 set was too large and were not handed for each side but meant to replace Italeri’s. Their revised ATL-29 set has addressed the size issues, but as a consequence they are not a straight fit to Italeri anymore. They can be fitted without a lot of effort though. See Terry Ashley’s review:

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Hi @petbat, I actually got Heavy Hobbies detailing set at the same time I got the kit (both from Hobbyeasy), as below.

This comes with 3D printed tracks, which look nice, although I haven’t test fitted them yet.

I hate waste so seems a shame to have to buy a track/sprocket kit just to get some sprockets…… but seems i’m running out of options :thinking:

Bummer. Hopefully they fit the Italeri sprockets.

Maybe put up a post “Does anyone have Dragon RSO sprockets in their spares box?” and see what transpires. Never know, someone may have the Fruils and will not need them. That way you may get ones that will fit your tracks for sure, plus will have better detail than the Italeri ones.


To be honest i’m such a slow builder that by the time i’m half way through someone will have released a 3D printed set…….

I mean if Elefant thinks the market is big enough to support THIRTY FIVE DIFFERENT types of 1/35 jerry cans?!?!?!?? then surely they, or someone else might think we could have ONE option for an RSO sprocket :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

The jerry can mafia is strong, the RSO mafia not as much. Too much infighting over Italeri or Dragon.

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