RE: LF: Help with the Takom Meillerwagen

Goodday Mark
No you have to make a acound for this forum, but there is alot of V2 related info like
reviews on the T-stoff tanker, B-stoff tanker, Feurleitwagen, Vidal wagen, Friescrane,
and the Meillerwagen.
Mark you are the first with questions on these parts of the Meillerwagen, they are in the travel position because TAKOM did a survey of the one in England who is standing there in traveling position

Are you just building the kit or do you have more intrest in the vehicle
Would like to know were you are living in this world, I’m from the Netherlands and like to know more
about the person who is asking questions about V2 and Meillerwagen.
Do you know the

  • The A-4/V-2 Resource Site - The V-2 Rocket

Like to hear from you


I’m basically building the kit. Too bad I didn’t know about your blog sooner in my own build process. I have found several problems with the kit and instructions on my own, but I am sure I would have enjoyed fixing some of the inaccuracies you pointed out. There is a V2 and Meillerwagen in the National Museum of the Air Force close to where my son lives, but I wasn’t so committed to accuracy that I wanted to fly to Ohio during the pandemic.

I live in Rhode Island in the US, but I lived for three years in Brunssum in Zuid Limburg many years ago.

Thanks for the info!