Re: Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 - Hasegawa 1/48

While I wait the paints arrive for conclude the FW190A-7, I’ll take advantage and prepare this other one kit,.

Other classic from WWII.
Model: Me. Bf109G-6 ‘JG51 Mölders’.
Branding: Hasegawa
Code: 09256.
Version: Basic
Parts 76.
Model lenght: 188,5mm.
Wingspan: 207mm.
Afters included: Nenhum.
extra afters: Guns set from Master Miniature, photoetched Eduard and mask for canopy from Montex
Decais: 2 opcions.
✓ 4/II/JG51 ‘Mölders’
✓ III/JG3 “Udet”.


Looking forward to following the build.

Enjoyed building several out of the box Hasegawa 109’s many years ago.

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Starting from the cockpit and removed parts for upgrade with photoetched


A little bit more!




A llittle bit more again


Preparation finished!

Now I am waiting the paints for finish the model

Sander, clean, washed and done for primer


As the paints haven’t arrived yet, I decided to do something that I’ve seen in several videos and have always enjoyed!

First I downloaded the simplified plans, then I drew them with a pencil, then I came with the rivet marker, sanded and finally applied a wash to mark the rivets.

I just think they are too superficial, fear of losing the marks when I start painting.

What do you think?


Airbrushing with a properly thinned high, quality hobby paint shot in thin coats, I think the rivets will be good.

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Thanks dude, I will use enamel primer and AK Acrylics for paint all kit, I hope can this do it because I think is very coll the rivets.

Would it be worth making several rows of rivets on a scrap piece of sheet styrene and doing a test shot that paint?

I have zero familiarity with AK’s acrylic paints. I still shoot Floquil etc.

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Grear idea! I will test in styrene.

I never heard of Floquil.

Good deal!

Floquil was an outstanding line of quality model rail road & military enamel paints. Bought by a competitor and discontinued ~ 25 years or so ago.

Wow… 25 years late!!!

Thanks for explanation Wade.

Now I need wait the package arrive in my house and test the AK paints.

Today I will finishe the rivets in other parts of Bf109.

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Good night everyone, now yes. All ready to receive the primer

While the lines are at customs I finished crossing the Bf and tomorrow I will cross the Fw.

I leave some photos for you!

It takes work, you have to be patient but I really liked the end result.

My only fear is that when I paint it all disappears.


How would you describe the overall fit of the kit?

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Wade, the fit is good, not perfect but good.

I had to sand down the lower wing a bit to get into the fuselage but nothing much.

I believe it will take more work are the flaps.

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