Real Model Shop

Has anyone shopped from this site in the past few months? The link confirming registration does not come, and no one replies to the “contact” e-mail.

i bought from him during the start of the worldwide pandemic,in april2020,other than my tracking getting mixed up with another persons order from england,it finally showed up in the US in late may,paypal issued me a refund,wich i promptly sent to him,he responded to my e mails,and his resin stuff is decent,i bought a M-127 trailer,a resint set of wheels for a M1070HET,and some other small stuff also,…hope this helps

Hi There

Youve helped me by buying that trailer! Im keen to get one to hook up to RM’s M800 tractor conversion.

If youve had a chance to examine the trailer kit Id be interested in your comments. I read you thought the kits were decent, but any additional views would be appreciated.



the trailer kit is a great kit!,needs some resin cleanup.but they all do,what i meant by decent is ,is that i bought the ace of spades resin gun truck conversion kit on e bay,made by real model,but the tires were junk in my opinion,as they were all oval shaped and un usable,but i have a set of sagged m-54 truck tires by DEF MODEL i will replace them with,as of now the trailer is started,but nowhere near completion,as i have a boat load of projects that are ahead of it lol,hope this helps

Thanks for that. I’ll definitely buy that trailer based on your comments. I’ve 6 or 7 resin conversion kits but I’m apprehensive about starting them.

The psm fuel tank and pump, to be mounted on an M939 is probably the easiest from what I’ve been told, but the M800 and this trailer will follow in time.

Thanks again.