Recovering Mr Surfacer?

500 if it matters. I have a bottle that seems to have started to dry out. When I’m using it as a filler I thin it with Tamiya Extra Thin. When I’m airbrushing it (I really only use 1000 and higher for airbrushing) I think it with mr levelling thinner. Is there some quantity of one of those I could mix back into it to recover it?

Add a little Mr Levelling Thinner at a time, mix, and repeat until the Mr Surfacer 500 is the “right” consistency.


Gunze make a product just for recovering Mr. Color products.

I use hardware store lacquer thinner in my Mr. Surfacer products. It works excellently.

I use as markiii and SSD Toms suggest along with 400 leveling and 400 thinner. All work like a charm. Cut your 500 with 75% thinner to make a primer and less, of course, for a surface filler. Best of luck

Or add some acetone(3% water solution to be more precise).

Take care that you scrape well the bottle rim after each use, because the thing gathers there and once dry-and it dries pretty quick as you already know-it prevents the bottle cap from tight screwing…


I agree. I’ve got a bottle that’s over 10 years old, and adding hardware store lacquer thinner works great whenever it starts to dry out.

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Just noticed that one of my jars seems to be drying out.
Will this stuff work to thin it?

Smells like cellulose thinners much like Mr Surfacer does.

Yes, that regular Gunze thinner what I use. No sense wasting the levelling thinner on it in my book.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a bash. I’m not that familiar with the Gunze range and all the various names of the products. Wanted to ask before I topped it in.