Reference section

Many of us acquire a large amount of photographs and reference data for particular builds. What about doing a section dedicated just to reference that is compiled by the members. Just a thought


I have around 400 pics of the USS Cobia and the USS Drum (Gato class) I would be happy to share with anyone.

I did propose this area for sort of a vehicle Wiki reference area. Photos could be posted there.

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Ok . Ive seen the wiki thread and didnt give it much thought. Just kinda figured it was a wiki pedia link. … Can it be renamed ?

Yes it could. I think I was calling it Wiki Project to start just to get the ball rolling. “Wiki Reference” or some other more clever name might be better. Also it was a main level forum as well but I folded it into General until it warrants higher level status and sub-forums as well.

There are allot , that would be photo heavy for me . This is exciting, lets keep it rolling

I really like the idea. There are many times where what I can find online just doesn’t meet my needs. Then I find a friend who has a book or article that I never heard about. US Navy aircraft colors, designations and distinct carrier symbols for WWII in the Pacific has been a bugaboo for me. A friend had a great book, and then he died and I don’t know what happened to the book. I should have photocopied the whole thing when I had the chance. I’m sure we all have similar examples and if we could share references, as well as photos, I think it would be great. I guess I would just leave “Wiki” out of the title. My 3 cents.