Reichsparteitagsgelände, Nürnberg, Germany

The Reichsparteitagsgelände, was the area where the German Nazi party held it’s rallies. Before the NSDAP came to power, the area was used for rest and relaxation for the locals. Amongst others the Nürnberg Zoo was located there. This was relocated to give way to the bombastic buildings of the new rulers. The total area covered by the structures is 11 square kilometer. A total of 6 rallies have been held there between 1933 and 1938. The giant, unfinished structure, inspired on the Roman Colloseum was to be the conference hall, with room for 50.000 (!) people. Currently, it has a height of 39 metres, but a height of 70 m. was planned! The outbreak of WW2 put an end to both the rallies and the building activities. In the northern wing of the hall, a documentation centre is located in a contrasting style.
Also well known is the Zeppelinfeld. The name refers to the fact that in August 1909 Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin landed with one of his airships (LZ6) in this location. There is the stand where Adolf Hitler used to address the visitors of the rallies. When I was there in 2013, I found the atmosphere rather oppressive. It certainly does convey the mass madness of the day.

I also took photos of all informational signs, this places the photos in a historical context.


Now that’s impressive …

Great photos! I visited there 20 some odd years ago, but having a film camera couldn’t take so many photos. Thanks for sharing these here!

Fantastic walkabout of this area Eric- thank you for taking the time to post these!

I am glad that you like my pictures. I managed to get away a whole morning from my family, while they were in Playmobil Fun Park.

@Karl187: thanks, but the name is Erwin :wink:

Looks like an interesting / nice day out Rommel :fox_face:

It took me a morning. I just didn’t go the formation point for the units that participated to the parade.

Sorry about the name Erwin, my mistake.

Here’s the Millennium Reich for you:
"The material used in the construction turned out to be very short-lived, due to which, by 1966, there was a real threat of destruction of the colonnade. In July 1967, the colonnade of the main stand was blown up by decision of the Municipal Construction Committee. In the 1970s, the height of the side towers was halved. "

The idea that the Reich would last 1000 years was ridiculous in the first place.

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Apologies accepted :hugs:

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Well, I’m not trying to draw any fire here but I do find some 3rd Reich architecture quite impressive; clean lines, functionability, light and airy - that sort of thing. Admittedly, often massive and monumental, but when I think of some of the excrescences visited upon my own poor benighted country …(!)

Ofcourse tastes differ, which is a good thing! Yet, while walking around there, I could not help but feeling a bit depressed. Ofcourse, this might have been because I knew what happened there.

By the way: it is not far from the area to the location of the famous Nüremberg trials, though I did not visit that location… .

I have to say that the Wehrmacht barracks I endured during my service in Germany were simply outstanding - compared to the crappy ones back in UK(!)

Double glazing; wide, spacious corridors, excellent heating and endless hotwater. Useful cellars and attics - what was not to like?

They obviously didn´tt build it as solid as the Romans or the Egyptians did. :grin: :grin:


More wannabe roman style buildings. Just not there yet, and will never be :stuck_out_tongue: