Remember D-Day 78yrs ago

We should never forget the sacrifices made on this fateful day 78yrs ago. The price was paid by many.



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Anyone who hasn’t seen it needs to watch “Band of Brothers”. Especially the younger guys who may have been shortchanged by our education system.
Add “The Longest Day” to that.

The Greatest Generation… almost gone but never forgotten.


I would also recommend the opening sequence of Private Ryan to appreciate that first day from another perspective


…beat me to that drop by THIS much Anthony, great minds etc. I like to think – hope? – that any generation would step up the way those born in the 1920’s did. You look at the crap kids today find entertaining & wonder, but if you dig into ordinary history you’d find the WW1 vets in Europe & USA thought (through the ‘30’s) that those same kids i.e. their young were a bunch of ungrateful wasters obsessed with talkies, jazz & fast cars. They may have been right, but proved so, so wrong.

Look at young Ukranians today, I’ll bet their parents thought they were the same up to a few months ago. And cometh the hour, cometh the man OK person. Churchill in the 30’s no more impressive or popular than the comedian Zelensky…up until Feb 24th this year :tumbler_glass:


Also add ‘The Pacific.’ :star::star::star::star::star:

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Saw this on the news today. Thought I’d share.


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I wasn’t a big fan of The Pacific. I felt they portrayed the typical G.I./ Marine as undisciplined and despondent with very little signs of camaraderie.


Get rid of the UN flag and it’s good to go.

I like this better…


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Just look beyond the flag. It’s the kids that count. IMHO.


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Yes they do! But no reason for them to be indoctrinated by the minds that run that bunch on the East River.


I like your thinking, Barnslayer, We must be from the same foxhole!

And yes, it’s good to see the kids in the photo, sharp bunch.

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You betcha dupa!