Removing badger primer

What is the best way to remove badger primer? I used it on a kit part and got less than stellar results I believe due to my error. I want to remove it and start again without damaging the parts

Old Skool - I’ve used fresh brake fluid to strip various enamels etc. If you use that it may remove seam filler depending on what will used.

Won’t damage the plastic?

Probably best to test on a sprue or unused part to be sure.

In my limited experience stripping paint, the plastic was undamaged by brake fluid and a scrubbing with a toothbrush. Fillers like Squadron Green etc were sometimes affected. Only done like three times long ago.

Cheers. Do you worry about getting every speck off or will new primer blend it in? I’ve gotten 99% of it off with windex and a toothbrush but can’t scrub hard in the tight areas

Maybe touch the remaining spots with some 1200 grit sand paper and water to remove the remaining primer.

I’m still happy in the stone age with the old Floquil/Floquil Military Colors and don’t prime.

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If you use brake fluid be aware that it will soften resin.

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Watch thst stuff in your AB it dries pretty fast and hard

I use IPA 100% for stripping paint, it removes even Mr.Surfacer

I was able to get most of it off and reprinted and it looks okay. Unfortunately I used a brush that was a little to stuff for the soft Miniart plastic and it scratched a bit. I was able to remove most of them with fine sand paper, and the rest are hidden on the bottom of the engine and won’t be seen once assembled. Lesson learned I guess. Test new paints on spare plastic.

The grey primer goes on fine but for some reason the white was very thick and peeled and looked terrible. Thinking maybe it was mixed enough. At lest it was a cheap lesson. Didn’t really ruin any of the kit.

As for getting stuck in the airbrush, yes I agree this stuff is a mess and I’m not sure I’ll buy it again. I have to clean the tip every minute or so, and can only load up about 1ml of primer before I have to fill the color cup with windex and blow out the airbrush to prevent clogging. Very frustrating to use