Removing future from canopies

Is there a good method for removing future from canopies? I dipped my canopy the other night, I am not sure how, but hair is now embedded in the future. I covered the canopy after dipping but alas here we are. I know future is pretty easy to dissolve but I am looking for something to dissolve the future without hurting the canopy

Windex® is your friend. Just soak it for a few.


Out of context, this phrase would sound rather weird… :wink:



Yep, windex can remove future. I had to redo my 1/32 canopy several times as the results weren’t what I wanted so dipped it in the blue water and it was back to original in no time.


Being somewhat follically challenged these days, I took great heart!

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um-hum …
one of the very few benefits of aging is that the risk of getting hair in ones Future is diminishing


US Windex or IPA/Isopropyl alcohol

IPA won’t ceaze the plastic? I tried windex but to no success. I have bargain brand windex and I suspect the amonnia content is low

US Branded windex has Ammonia, UK Winolene… doesn’t!
IPA/Isopropyl won’t craze transparencies, but test on a bit of sprue if you aren’t sure.

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I have “windex” from the dollar store. The bottle claims it has ammonia but I think it must be low concentration. Might run out and get a real bottle of windex

I would also suggest not to get a Siberian Husky as a pet.

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I have a rescue mixed breed that sheds a lot. I get at least one hair in every project. It’s just a fact of life especially in the hot Texas summer when he sheds basically non stop

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If you have some of the clear sprue left you could test it on the sprue first …

Will probably go this route. I have plenty of sprue left

It’s much cheaper to buy household ammonia solution and then dilute it to taste. My bottle will last me for the rest of my life and it cost about £3. I have a jar beside it into which I decant some and thin it to about 8:1 with water, and it’s perfect for cleaning the brush I use to apply Klear (Future to some).


did you try Pine-Sol?

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I’ve recently used lacquer thinner to remove and control some Future during weathering on a current model project, successfully. So I tested some on a spare IM canopy from, I think, a helicopter kit.

Now I know what to tell you NOT to use :anguished:

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Oh man! Yeah lacquer thinner is quite hot.

The IPA seemed not to affect some test sprue. Will give it a try on the canopy