Removing Paint From Figure

I’m having to remove paint & primer from a 1/35th resin figure and was wondering how others may do this. I have used “Easy Off” oven cleaner and for the most part it has done a good job. But even after scrubbing the figure with an old toothbrush there still remains paint in some areas. I had to resort to scraping the remaining paint with a seam scraper and hobby knife. Again, just wondering how others do this. Thanks.

Best thing to use on a small figure is IPA at least 70%- it is sometimes sold as ‘rubbing alcohol’ in drug stores/pharmacy. You can get higher concentrations online- I use a 99% one which works well for stripping paint. Just put it on a q-tip and for tricky areas use a small, stiff paintbrush. Mr. Hobby Thinner also works a treat.

It mostly depends on what type of paint you use, and what brand. For instance, Windex quickly and easily dissolves Tamiya “acrylic” paint, but hardly affects other brand acrylics.
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Could you just prime over top vs removing the paint? I’ve never removed paint from a figure before so I’m just thinking that may be easier than trying to get paint out of the nooks and crannies.

Depends both on how thick the paint you want to paint over is and the detail on the fig. If the detail is small, thin and delicate you risk losing all definition of it by priming over the paint coat you want to replace.

Tony, I use a cleaning product ,super clean,I order mine from my local wal-mart,I can’t tell you how long it takes as I leave mine over night,however when I pull the parts out,there clean as a whistle no scrubbing just a good rinse, that’s just my 2 cents.

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