Replicating brass fittings on car model

I am looking for the best way to brush-paint various fittings on a 1920s-era car to replicate brass.
I have experimented with Humbrol enamel 54 (Brass), but find the finish to be rather grainy.
Maybe I should be using acrylics to achieve a smoother finish. Also, does anyone have a preferred undercoat for this colour?

One suggestion I have come across is to undercoat with Burnt Umber, and to follow with a top coat
of Vallejo’s Liquid Gold …



I haven’t needed to do it personally, but from what I have seen either a red or yellow base coat will accentuate the Brass tones. I have had success brush-painting with Vallejo Metal Color in Chrome and Gold on smaller details and it smooths out nicely.

Cheers, D

Citadel paints from warhammer do a few nice metallics I rather like them


I took a different approach, when building An ICM Ford T. I used Ak-intercative True metal; a paste like paint, that can be diluted, with white spirit and polished, when dry.


True Metal would be my recommendation as well. It will never beat ALCLAD for finish, but considering how much easier it is to get a decent finish, my money is on True Metal.


For small Brass fittings I’d use a Gray primer base, then go with Any true Acrylic hobby paint thinned with a drop or two of water, and build up the intensity of the color with a few coats of the Brass color paint.

I myself use this method for hand painting small parts and find that the paint does self level. Without a primer coat, the paint never really has a consistent and base to attach to.


Have you tried brass leaf its easy to do and you can’t get more real than steal brass