Repo'd! 1:35 scale

Hi all! Uni has been vacuuming all my model time up, but after completing a marathon calculus and physics effort I decided to return to modelling. I got the older Tamiya deuce and a half and their brand new Kettenkrad, and this is the result. Built from start to finish in the course of four days, cause now I have to prep for my computer architecture exam!


Love it Dennis! Fantastic work all around and a rockin’ theme. In 4 days is just outstanding.


I like your idea

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You did that in four days? That’s awesome.

Hope you did well on your calc & physics exams. Good luck with computer architecture. Never even knew that was a class. Sure wasn’t a class when I was in college!


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Wow! Four days!
Amazing focus & results :clap:

Four days, takes me that long to read the instructions.


No kidding, these dang yutes just out building carefree, no care in the world just throwing plastic together having fun. What the heck, this is serious business.

What is that track on the ground?


It’s actually just a random bit from a Marder 3M I had laying around!

Cool, it’s an interesting item you don’t typically see on a diorama that I recall.

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