Resicast: British Comet Detail Sets | Armorama™

Resicast is set to release these 1/35 scale interior and engine detail sets as two separate kits -- #35.1318, and #35.1319 respectively. These were designed to be used with the Tamiya kit. Available starting 15th October.

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I hope this means Resicast isn’t going out of business after all. Or maybe someone has bought it. They make WONDERFUL kits!

Any idea where this can be obtained? Resicast website appears to be down permanently.

Resicast is still going out of business and will stop taking orders on December 15; the Comet sets and a few others are the last of the new releases.
You can still order from Resicast- just send them an email. The website isn’t permanently down, it is just blocked by most browsers due to some security issue. It does work on my phone though, or at least it did the last few days. The Comet Interior is pricey - 175 Euro if I remember correctly.

Only browser that gave me access was Safari on my phone. Any other blocked access.

Yes, that’s what I’ve been using, Safari on my Iphone to gain access.