Resin casting what's the best rtv for models

I used to do resin casting but been out of it for years. I was told the best rtv was this blue looking stuff was a lot more pliable than what I use to use, but I don’t recall what manufacturer it was. I was thinking of using something from us polymer for my resin, went to a resin casting shop two in fact and the resin they were using was from us polymer. I plan to call a sales rep to find out about the products. Like setting time storage, affects from glues or ssolvents. Anyway I would really appreciate any info thanks for your time

I find Smooth-On products to be the best resins. They have a few different setting tines as well.

Smooth-On Store

Thanks for the info I’ll have to look up location and prices. Thanks again

It depends on the size of your intended moulds, how often you will use them and how quick you want the cure to be. This all factors into the product strength, flexibility and ability to capture fine detail.

I use a product from Barnes called Pinkysil, but it may only be available from Australia. You mix two parts of equal measure together and pour. It captures fine detail perfectly, in fact, it will replicate your fingerprint if it is on the part!. The down side for some is that pot life is just 6 minutes, so you need to be quick if you are using a vacuum chamber to de-gas air bubbles.

Their website has all the specs for their products, so if you know the technical side of what you want, have a look.

You may be able to source it in the US, or possibly find something along the lines.

I’ll keep that in mind, six minutes is pretty quick. Yes and degassing is good for mold making plus I found the mold material seems to just suck itself into every nock and cranny when I did that. One of the reasons I’ve been looking at vaccum chamber sets and pressure chambers too. Thanks for the information when I get some of my cast masters done I’ll have to post

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Smooth on Mold max is my preference… and smooth cast 321 for the resin.

Thanks for your time and information