Resin parts

Is there an easy way to get the molds off of resin parts?

I have the ADATS Conversion kit from Legend and was going to buy a cheap M-113 to put it on. Then I had a brilliant idea. Put it on the extra M1131 Stryker Fire Support Vehicle that I have. I have seen some renderings of a Stryker ADATS so figured why not make my own “What If”.

Do you mean the mold release agent…a greasy or oily surface? Usually washing with a good dish detergent will get it off.

Sorry I don’t know what the exact term is. On a kit it would be the sprue. So what ever you call what the part is attached to with a resin kit. Some of them break off and I can cut and sand down the rest. Just thought there might be an easier way from the experts.

Nothing to see

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A small razor saw will remove the pour plugs

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My favourite tool for the large pour plugs is this:

You need to work on a v-board though, gets tricky to control the saw otherwise
Check this video on how to make a fancy one:

The design can be simplified, the basic needs is a circular hole accessed via a narrow V-shaped notch and some method for clamping it to the edge of a table without the clamp obstructing the work area.

I was wondering the same thing!!! I have the ADATS as well and am dreading removing all the complicated mold plugs…

If you do build the MMEV ( I think thats its name) PLEASE post WIP pics on the Great Canadian Campaign! I know I and at least 2 others who love the ADATS will love it!

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Combinations of large and small razor saws, a small hack saw and If you have a work space where you can make a mess, I’ve had good luck with a rotary tool for particularly thick ones.

As has already been mentioned though, resin dust is really nasty stuff. Make sure you’re wearing a proper dust mask or respirator and working wet wherever possible

Olfa P-Cutter (or Tamiya equivalent) raises a line of swarf when cutting, not dust.

Otherwise wear a mask, use fine saws & cut/sand wet when possible.