Result of visit to airbrush store

As I mentioned in a previous topic about my airbrush problems, I would let the results know of my visit to the airbrush store to get a new spray gun. Well here it is:

The other two spray guns I had trouble with were inspected and they were working fine. Apparently I was causing the problems, because I just didn’t fully know how to work with them properly. So that is why I have decided to get back to basics snd learn everything again from scratch. To fix any missing or faulty knoeledge I have.

You have an airbrush store near by? Amazing. Me, I have a Hobby Lobby near by…
No one near by sells anything more than entry level equipment.

I had to go to it with my parents because we had to drive to it. Wasn’t easy to find either. Good service and very skillfull and patient people there.

Hope you saved their phone # for future use.

Of course. :grin: