Return to dioramas after a long time

Hello guys,
so my first diorama after xx years is getting going. This is an old Tamiya Panther tank kit. I cut the engine door open and stuck a Maybach engine in it. Just in the process of positioning the figures,painting, and figuring out some groundwork. Unfortunately my painting on the tank leaves something to be desired - will improve that and then work on some weathering…


Nice start, looking forward to seeing what you do with it :+1:

Looks good so far/ Micke

It’s good to see someone back at modelling, enjoy!

Thanksgiving the encouragement! :slight_smile:
Here are a couple of pics of progress so far.

Paint and vegetation is the next step plus a bit more work on the Panther and figures…


Further progress :slightly_smiling_face:
Enjoying this - now I need to develop my groundwork…


Ground work done :slight_smile:
Mostly painting to finish and some extras for the tank.
Will post some more pictures when I’ve finished it…


Nice groundwork and nice figures.
Looking forward to seeing it finished

Nicely done Paul, I like this. :point_up:
Dave :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks really good, what clay/filler did you use for your base? I’ve been looking but, there are so many products out there… When I saw your diorama, I thought ‘that looks like the very thing’.

I used instant Papier Mache. Also used wood glue on the base before the Papier Mache to make sure it all stuck together well. Painted it, then used diluted white wood-glue sprinkled with fine soil, tiny stones and chopped up dry leaves. The only problem I had was that the base is made from a picture frame with hardboard backing. This warped when the Papier Mache dried… doesn’t affect the diorama but the base has a bowed shape corner to corner. So next time I will use a more solid base.

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Nice one, thanks for getting back to me, the finish you achieved looks spot on, I’m going to start on a base of dense foam cut roughly to shape and then surface it but, I want it to look like yours when I’m done. Thanks again.