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Hello all,
I’m returning to the hobby a bit after a long time away - 10 yrs or so. There seems to be many cool developments/products available since I worked on my previous kits. I started off finishing up a little AB 41 armored car that just needed weathering & finish work. Next I’m starting construction on a ICM Pz II Flamingo (disappointing quality & fit so far) but wondering if there are preferred cements and things for the build process maybe better than what I used to use. My Tamiya’s liquid is dried up of course, and my Testors liquids are clogged in the nozzles. I have a model master liquid with the metal tube that is still good amazingly. Is there anything better now besides those?

Also, what are the good online hobby suppliers for the US market? I think our local shops are all gone. I’m sure most of my paints are no good now, and I’ll need some matte clear as well.

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Lots of folks use Tamiya extra thin that comes with a small brush in a green cap. There is also extra thin that is fast drying with a yellow green cap. My go to online CONUS shops are SprueBrothers and ScaleHobbyist. Both have reasonably good prices and a wide selection of kit brands, AM , paint, tools, etc., and shipping is comparable. SprueBrothers also runs daily specials and weekend specials.


@GEdmonds You’re not by any chance from Bethel, CT are you?

Second those options, AndyHHQ is another US company I have used a bunch with good success. :+1:


No, North Carolina

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