Revell 1/16 VW samba bus conversion

Hi all this was donated to me by a friend(he was doing it as a van) I have other plans for it, it will be a very rare custom made version (the guys at work will know where I’m going with it as we have the actual vehicle in the workshop)

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More work done to this, that is the basic shape of the vehicle a few doors to add and lots of details to the bed to add.

Hi all this is what I’m aiming for, it has a very unusuall way of loading cars (which i am ambitiously aiming to depict)

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This is very cool! You certainly have a knack for finding some “off-beat” subject matter Ken, great stuff!

Cheers, D

Very interesting Ken ! You are a very prolific modeler- always something going across your bench .

Thanks guys
I need to make lots of louvers for the samba bus conversion so heres my simple answer, glue bade to base at half the thickness of a cocktail stick run that through blade then turn the resulting halves 180° and run through aginn all I have to do now is round the ends off and I have my louvres.

I would be tempted to use something like this from Archer myself.

Like what you have done so far.

Tried making the louvers out of quartered cocktail sticks, not very successful

I measured the louvers and they are 20mm wide the quarterd cocktail sticks are 1 1/4 mm so way out of scale.

I have another idea up my sleeve let’s see how that works.