Revell 1/570 Scharnhorst PE

Hello, newbie here. Does anyone know if there is a PE set for the above to enhance the kit. I know there are some bits in the wooden deck set but thats all I acn find. Even 1/500 would do?

White Ensign does a 1/600 that fits rather nicely. You will need the Ultimate Kriegsmarine Set No1 for the cranes, catapult etc and the Kriegsmarine set No2 for the railings.

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Thanks very much - I found those yesterday from recommendation by Peter Hall at Atlantic Models. The UKS set isnt cheap but it is enough for 3x ships so that would be good. Cheers

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Check out the AA gun set too, it is pretty cheap and will improve the look of the model a lot.

Is that also by White Ensign?

Yes you can find it here

Thanks - appreciate your help

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