Revell 1998 Ram Air Trans Am

I’ve been wanting to build this car for the last few years and figured that now might be a good time to break it out. There’s not much in the way of AM for this kit so it was the perfect one to do an OOB build on. The only things that were added was an “AC Delco” decal on the oil filter, a Hot Rod Magazine in the passengers from seat with a picture of an older T/A on the cover and I robbed the dual outlet exhaust pipes from the Revell 2000 Camaro SS kit. Just couldn’t build this car with the single outlet exhaust system like it came from the factory with.

The kit wasn’t too bad but there were several fit issues with it starting with the chassis to body assembly. For some reason the glue adhesion didn’t set up right at the rear of the car resulting in a slight twist. I made some bracing that went from the body down to the chassis and glued that in place to suck the chassis up on the side that got the lower part of the twist. Flash and mold lines were TERRIBLE on this thing. I spent ALOT of time getting rid of those and still didn’t get them all. The front and rear facias fit great during the test fit and didn’t want to cooperate at all during the assembly process. I got them pretty close however, disassembling the whole friggin’ car to straighten everything out. Once I got the chassis sucked up in the back on the drivers side to where it was supposed to be I noticed that now there was a gap between the engine throttle body and the molded in intake duct on the body. I ended up cutting a piece of plastic and carving it to fit the gap there. The only other things that I did with this car that needed to be done was that I lowered it about a scale inch or so all the way around to give it a more aggressive stance and blacked out the tail light panel for a totally bad ass look out back. What I did NOT like was the absence of any Trans Am emblems on the side of the doors. I’ll see if I can find any decals to put on there but if you know anything about these cars at all that’s an easy catch to spot missing.


Another great build Joseph. Always had a soft spot for Firebirds :slightly_smiling_face:

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An absolutely impressive build of the Trans Am. Excellent job on painting the engine, as it looks pretty realistic in those various metallic shades. As for the interior, I’d say that you nailed it for sure. The Hot Rod magazine is a great touch.


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Thanks fellas! Sorry for the late response. Busy at work for the last month and hardly any spare time except for bench time in my off time hours.