Revell GT build


peg) ![DSC_0106|690x460](upload://ivmdC1Cx4XuoGkJH cdXBDHbUIJo.jpeg)

This is the Revell GT with Indycal decals; Zero paints white and diamond clear. A fun build; the Indycal decals are great!


Absolutely Beautiful! Love it.

Great looking build.

Wow! great build! I have to ask - were the decals ok to work with? That is, aside from regular challenges, did they go down pretty easily? The going between body panels in the rear looks like it could have been quite an adventure in model building!


That is a beautiful looking GT Bill, excellent work!

Cheers, D

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Nick: The Indycal decals are pretty unusual. First, the backing is one piece, so you have to trim each decal. The good news is you can trim right on the color line and you won’t have any flaking or peeling. The decal film is almost like thin plastic; it’s rather flexible. That means you can go around curves with it, and when you have to fold the edge over, it sticks and stays there. You cannot cut the decals when they are wet, even with a brand new #11 blade. The decals respond to setting solution and heat well, but they do get delicate when solvent is applied (ask me how I know). Overall, you have to get used to them but when you do, I think you’ll love them. I did two cars with complex decal schemes (the second is to come in about a week) and I’ve been perusing the website to determine my next projects with Indycals. Also, their service is excellent, and they even offer a decal guarantee in case you mess up!

Thanks! Appreciated.

Excellent build of the Revell kit which can be a real challenge from what I’ve read online from time to time.

The Indy Cal decals came out looking fantastic just like the body wrap of the real car. As for the Indy Cal decals themselves, they’re my #1 go to decal whenever Mike has a sheet for a car I’m going to build. And yes, the decals require special care once decal solutions are applied as they really suck down into every nook & cranny. Like you said, once you get the hang of them, they work perfectly every time. And Mike does have his famous Oops promise of replacing screwed up decals. I know he gets the replacements out ASAP because I’ve availed myself of his service a few times.

I’m looking forward to your next build, especially as you seem to be a race car enthusiast just like yours truly.


Joel, you won’t have long to wait. I just finished the Tamiya GT4 Mustang with the Scudo markings. I’ll be taking photos this week and should have them posted shortly. After that, it will be a while until I get a kit and decals to go with it. Thinking of trying the Nunu Audi R8 with KFC markings. I love KFC.

Looking forward to your GT Mustang. I’ve got the same kit with Indy Cal decals.

I recently completed a full build blog on the Nunu Audi R8 mostly box stock with the kit decals. Their decals are top shelf. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:


that looks great!

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