Revell sci-fi releases

Revell of Germany are about to release some more star wars related items, the first is the re-pop of the bandai A-wing.
Next on the list is the Razor Crest in 1/72 scale which will be about €56 and the outland TIE Fighter at 1/65 scale.


Definitely interested in the Razor even though I wasn’t that big on the show itself. It’s just nice to get a new 1/72 design that isn’t a variation of TIE or X-wing. Speaking of which, I might get Gideon’s TIE.

The Tie fighter at 1/65 scale seems strange but I like the concept. I like the Razor Crest too.

Been looking at the Ban Dai A wing at the LHS… and the Y Wing…

@Tank_1812 Revell have a habit of building the kit to fit the box rather than using established scales, which can be frustrating at times.

I wish someone would release everything in 1/35 scale, waiting for years now for Dragon to do the AT AT, ATST, Speeder which they spruked about getting the license to produce and then….nothing! I have great 1/35 Rebels and Snowies to go into a dio but nothing to scale correctly with.


Sorta good to know, at first I thought they were reusing the old molds with a few new parts. A standard scale would be nice, I get for some of its not possible or practical. Like a Falcon or Star Destroyer etc but everything else the same. Granted people would fight over its not their scale but it would be the same.

NICE! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for these.

Where is you buy the bottom two gray resin figures? :grinning: Are they in 1/35 scale? Thanks in advance.

From this guy mate, excellent quality. Enjoy……

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Is it just me, or do the pictures of the sprues for the Gideon TIE fighter make it look like it has really soft detail? I can’t tell if it’s just overdone compression, bad focus, or the actual sprues, but they all look muddled; the two landing feet in particular look really poorly detailed.

Maybe it is a test shot and they still have some adjustments to make to the mold?

I think it’s more the picture quality, after all I took it from a magazine article, so it could be my fault as well.

Second-generation degradation of a screened image would account for it, yes. And the pictures in this article aren’t any sharper.