Revells "Pirate Ship" in 1/72nd, your thoughts?

Best deal I’ve found. Free shipping, if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks.

If you want the 1/72 one this isn’t a bad deal:

Andy’s Hobby Headquarters about $90 and 11$ shipping :smile:

Having little knowledge of what is considered “Propper” in the sailing ship realm. This ship comes with plastic sails but cloth sales are available online… Is the cloth sails preferable over the plastic sails? I know the plastic sales gives the appearance of being filled by a wind where as cloth could if you starched them. I know hairspray works, just ask any DI what they used on their smokey bear hats to make them stiff.

Vac-formed styrene sails … nope, not going to try that …

I would probably try to use fine cloth (I have a stash of worn out cotton shirts).
Sewing the edges and joints will be difficult in 1/72 so I would stiffen the cloth with glue (diluted white glue?) and let it dry to shape over the vac-formed sails. The glue would hold the threads along the edges and prevent them from disintegrating.

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We rigged the sails on the Galleon but not the Constitution. Believe it or not the sails looks pretty good. I think no matter how tight the weave is on real cloth sails they would still look a bit phony.

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Hey Guys and Gals,
I have the Sveda version. I looked and was approving the simple build, as depicted in the instructions. Looked at several builds on You Tube, so it doesnt seem all that difficukt. However, rigging is where any “pirate” ship can either shine or sink. Its waiting patiently in my " stash." Good luck to all in their individual builds.

I copy Chepster
In this case the scalemates information are not accurate.
I have resp. had both the Revell 05605 ‘Pirate Ship’ (shown above) and 05699 ‘Black Pearl’ (limited edition from 2017).
They are pretty much the same, the Black Pearl has a different figurehead.
There are ‘counterparts’ from Zvesda, don’t know who was first.

The woodendeck is from HiSModel.

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Revell 05605 at Scalemates Originally by Zvezda, instructions (pdf) can be downloaded for the Revell kit.
Profile view rfom that pdf:

Revells Jolly Roger pirate ship at Scalemates Revell all the way with a reboxing by Heller and various cooperation releases.

Jolly Roger built by a German modeler:

and the prototype:

Scalemates has two different “ancestries”
one for the Zvezda → Revell
and another for Disneyland → Revell.
Two completely different models

I’ve noticed that Scalemates can get severely screwed up when there are different iterations of the same subject from the same manufacturer and this can only be made with the fashion for mould sharing/re-branding, as opposed to the old situation of moulds being acquired from companies which are becoming defunct.