REVIEW: Yahu Krupp Protze Dashboard

Yahu has recently added a new photoetch dashboard to their range, this time for Bronco kit of the Krupp Protze German truck.

The set has individual dials that have to be cut from the fret and added to the plastic part of the model

There are two options for the central dial, with white or black background.
There are also two placards with vehicle information. again the set has two options for the one inside the cabin

The dials are well researched, at least according to the truck preserved at Munster:

The level of details is, as usual on Yahu products, outstanding. Unfortunately my photo equipment and skills are not enough to show the tiny letters photoetched. This is the best I can do:

Krupp 4

Finally, this photo shows how small are the dials compared to a ruler and a figure head:

This is an excellent set for the Krupp Protze kit, specially for the open top version where the improvement will be more noticeable. The level of detail is beyond what can be seen with a naked eye, and photos will reveal its finesse on a finished model