RFM colour help needed

Hi Guys. First post here.

I’ve been building models for “how long”? Let’s just say since the 1960’s. Been a model railroader until recently. Then discovered 1/35 scale. Started with a Miniart Russian Tram. Great model. A few other Miniart jobs. Then jumped in the deep end with a RFM Panzer J full interior.

Excellent kit. So far! A few tight fits but other wise no issues. But I’m looking for painting help. RFM is short on colour guides. Just one photo of the interior. It makes it hard painting, building, painting, building, building, painting,building, painting,. So my question is - any clues on where I can find ‘better’ colour images of the interior. I have engine images but not installed in the J. Can anyone point to a web site that has a lot of colour interior shots. (I’m not a rivet counter so I’m not after a J on the 13th of June 1944 etc. Just a good general guide).


Maybe you could use Miniart kit 3D renderings as a starting point (providing the colors are accurate…) :


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Thanks. I never thought of using their colour guide.