RFM Leopard 2A7V finished

After my health problems I am getting into the swing of things again but fighting arthritis and fat shaky fingers.
Starts of with drilling a few hols to mount the IED belly armour.

Tub assembled with Tamiya extra thin rapid and the fit is very good.

Running gear on. All very straightforward, a nice touch is the front suspension is movable to adjust the tension of the tracks as IRL.

Test fit of hull, a bit warped but nothing major.

Tracks come with assemby jig and I am only making enough to show below the side skirts.

I ignored RFM’s instructions to add all the bits to the upper hull before attatching it to the lower.

Tracks painted and basic weathering applied.

Basic paint job on wheels and masks made on my Cameo 4 cutter.

Lower hull painted, wheels and tracks attached.

All the stuff RFM wanted you to put on before joing the hull attached.


Turret built.

I left the baskets that go hafway along the turret off because I knew there was going to be a decal there and it would be very difficult to place it after fitting.

Home mix base green applied.

Followed by the brown and black.

Lots of plastic left over.



Great job. :+1:


Thank you I am not that happy with the camo netting but overall I am happy with the result.


You should be happy with the results. I get the netting but from what I see it’s the material not the execution that is the issue imo.


Sweet looking RFM Leopard 2A7V you finished!

Roughly how many hours to build?


Beautiful result


Thank you both.

I worked on it most days for the last two weeks from 5AM to 3PM.
The most tedious part was unsurprisingly the tracks.


Very nice. I don’t know if you used a gray for the black or applied a heavy filter over it, but it has the right look.

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Very nicely done, sir!

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Great build! I am a bit jealous that you are done and mine is still in the box. That appears to be more spare plastic than a Dragon 3 in 1 kit. Are the spare parts from sprues used on previous versions?


Thank you all.

I am always suprised the amount a paint job darkens with a clear coat on top so yes I did lighten the colours.
I read the mixtures used in an article from AFV magazine but the author did not specify any ratios.
The green is XF-67 NATO Green +XF-3 Yellow + XF-21 Sky, the brown is XF-68 NATO Brown +XF-52 Flat Earth and finally the black is XF-69 NATO Black +XF-21 Sky.

Yes lots of it is from the last RFM 2A6 iteration.