Rfm m1240 a1



Do you take requests?

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You guys are making my day turn out pretty well here and I can’t thank all of you enough for your interest and support in my work. Don’t know how to use the quote feature just yet so please bear with me.
BringupthePiat funny you should mention Mr. Kovac, you can clearly see I used his idea on the terrain contour , smart mud and paint but that’s were it kind of ended. Since I’ve never used smart mud before, I %^&%#@ up the rock placement process and had to improvise. The sides were originally cut without any contours and this threw a monkey wrench in things. I started using his painting techniques but went off course and used what I’ve known. Prior to this build I’d never seen any of his work but his Scenic Route inspired me so yeah, you make me feel like I’ve accomplished something here now .

Darren, just watch night shift’s Scenic Route dio, I used it as a tutorial and wish mine looked as good so thanks for the vote of confidence. What were you thinking on the next one :blush:

Makinen, yeah I have some items on the way I wasn’t going to use but once the static grass applicator arrives I bet I change my mind about any additions and I sure don’t need any encouragement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

SSGtoms, you remember the seat debacle don’t you ? ,so I’ll leave that there :grin:and thank you. This was an homage to my sons 2 year vacation in Iraq courtesy of the US government sponsored by the 82nd Airborne.

You guys are simply the best !!



I love Russian armor thats not green

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Funny you should mention Russian armor, one of my favorite subjects whether they are old or new but this one was green. I hope this isn’t too tacky but these are the only pictures I have of this build and was my last trip to AMPS, then I focused on spacecraft.


I too like 4bo and all things Russian green but its cool to see some of the tank biathlon schemes.



It would be a tough choice to pick which scheme though, doogs models did one that looks pretty impressive .