RFM M1A2 SEP V2 build

My V2 has the 2 piece screen there.


I guess it depends what a particular vehicle started out life as , early M1A2s were M1 rebuilds. V2s may be rebuilt A1s.


I’d go with the darker shade of NATO green as it gives you more room to play with on your post-shading highlights without it going too light and you needing to whack a green filter on there.

In fact I’d probably add a couple of drops of panzer grey into the NATO green base layer (over a grey primer preshade) for this exact reason as you have more latitude to make it pop on the highlights. But that’s me.

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Added some PE… The strips on the top of the side plates…

And the small PE plates on the plate sides…


Nice build, but one small critique. You should move the rearmost PE to the outer edge of the rear two skirts, they are just plain, thin metal on the real tank. This pic shows what I’m talking about if you look real close and squint a little, lol.

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James … Hi mate … James … Hi mate … Thats easy enough to do … Its only thin CA glue so I can ease it away from the skirt — Nice catch :+1:


Nice job. Here’s another option one crew used in Rabiah - DEF Models even used it.


Troops will always find an answer

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