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RFM announces a new Tiger I Late production, with zimmerit and interior

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On 2 January 2022, I tweeted from TIGER1.INFO about the ammunition in Tiger kits being stored the wrong way around. And I explained the problem and posted the evidence here:

Tiger ausf. E : Ammunition bins

Nine months later, I was expecting the model companies - especially those that try to excel - to have taken note of their mistake.

But no. Not in THIS kit.

These preview images of the new “late” Tiger contain other basic mistakes that were explained long ago.
Plus, parts and features from “early” Tigers that should not be there at all. It’s a mess.

As a person who knows a great deal on this topic, I can tell you that Rye Field set a high standard for Tiger interior kits with their first such release, Eastern Front Tiger

But it’s been downhill ever since.

They have released several more Tiger kits with interiors, none of which met the original standard. There are three reasons for this;

  1. Trying to model Tiger versions that are not in museums. The first kit was based on Tiger “131” in the UK which is very well documented.
  2. Not visiting actual Tigers in museums. There’s a “late” in France but I don’t think Rye Field have seen inside it. This new kit doesn’t match what is sitting in the museum.
  3. Not correcting mistakes! As a result the number of mistakes per kit only goes up. They fixed a couple of things on their very first Tiger release, but I’ve not noticed any “fixes” to their Tiger line since then.

Rye Field are capable of better than this. Their Panzer III interior is more detailed and accurate than any Tiger they’ve ever released. “Could do better”, as the teacher wrote on my report.



And an upgrade set?
Dear Rye Field: how about giving us an upgrade set with a correct Late interior?



A quick question for the panel, is that number of kill rings on the barrel accurate? Tanks & soft skins?

Once again, no matter what Dave says I am buying one. This is getting monotonous…

I like to know if there are inaccuracies. Mostly to gauge if they are worth me bothering with, or are an easy fix that will increase the challenge. Things like turning the ammunition storage bin around don’t seem too difficult, for example and shifting a few existing components from one place to another isn’t terribly daunting.

Having said that, if I didn’t have the information I’d probably happily build the kit in blissful, out of the box ignorance. Or just do that anyway.

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That’s entirely up to you - but I can tell you that Dave is right on the money. If modellers keep buying blindly then kits will never get improved. You seem to have been seduced by the new CADS - unfortunately that does not reflect the old erroneous kit which is what it is

Go onto Tiger1.com and read about all the inaccuracies.

went there, just a domain site.

refer above

try, https://tiger1.info/ it exists and is bookmarked in my favourites, hours of happy reading.