RFMRM5069 1:35 Rye Field Model StuG.III Ausf.G Early Production

SprueBrother’s sale…less than half price, for those into Stug life…

For $29.99 that just about enough to allow an exception to my personal boycott of Chinese goods.

Whats the worst that can happen?
My fiance interdicts the contraband?


Plus it’s a great excuse to order an AFV related to the Ukraine conflict.

It does look nice and that is an attractive price, but I already have two G’s at the moment and I just bought my allotment of kits for the current period. These things time themselves well.

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Definitely know the feeling.

Had to pass on modern Russian armor, most kits seem out of stock or at near premium prices. Picked a nearly new release 1/35 Tamiya KV-2 to round out the order.

Just got mine from China.
Love RFM kits.

Yah I know Wade I can’t believe the ridiculous prices Trumpeter kits are going for right now!

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