Rheinmetall Caracal+KSK 1:35

This time (in keeping with the love for special forces) a version of the Mercedes G known as Caracal. Next to the vehicle are two KSK Kommando Spezialkräfte operators from Airborne Miniatures. Mercedes is a product of Mad Modellbau.


Another exceptional model Piotr and the figures are just phenomenal.

Great looking piece Piotr- love the Airborne figs too- you’ve really done a great job on the desert Flecktarn camo. Cracking looking vehicle as well with some great touches like the camo netting and open doors. What manufacturer makes the vehicle kit?

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Mad Modellbau


Nice work.

I don’t know this vehicle, I guess it is very recent.

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Thanks for the name of the company and the pics Piotr :+1:!

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Looks great, very dynamic and the contrast between the dark green SOF vehicle and the tan figures and sand groundwork make this all the more eye catching.

The turned front wheels adds to the realism of the vignette.

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The first picture with armor plates added on “doors” looks cool.

Mad Modellbau make a lot of interesting kits, with often the choice between a conversion or a complete kit.

I have their MUNGO ESK in the stash. The quality of the parts seems very good but their instructions sheets are a bit vague with only 3d views without part numbers, and written only in German language.

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Mad Modellbau actually has some interesting projects - I am mainly interested in those based on the Mercedes G-class. I am waiting for SERVAL and I will probably also buy ENOK. Hmmmm… the Canadian version is also tempting…