Richmond IPMS Show

This Saturday at the speedway. Anyone else going. Be nice to meet some of you guys.

I am currently planning on going. Was going to enter my Fahrpanzer but I can’t seems to get out of my own way. :pensive:

Look for me I’ll be wearing a Central Pennsylvania IPMS polo shirt. So will a few other guys but they can point you in the right direction. Getting there Friday late afternoon.


Leaving at 0 dark thirty Saturday morning for the drive up, probably wearing a blue IPMS Eagle Squadron polo shirt.

I’ll look for the shirt , got a table or a group ? Always nice to actually meet folks in REAL LIFE. Cheers , Ed , RVA IPMS member

Just a bunch of guys who travel together.

So not O dark thirty….more like midday :roll_eyes:.

Leaving in a few, should be on site around 10:30/11.

Glad we where actually able to meet up and to put a face to a name. :+1:

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For sure. Sorry I had to leave somewhat abruptly. I was judging and had to get back. Tried to find you again but couldn’t get a lock on you. Anyway, it was nice to meet you.