Rochm Workable Tiger & Panzer III/IV Tracks | Armorama™

New 3D-Printed tracks from Rochm, who launchs this series with four Tiger types and eight Panzer III/IV types.

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Looks very nice :+1:
Perfect for the modeler who isn’t planning to cover them with mud :wink: :innocent:

I’d like to do a Tiger but every time I think about it I run into the problem of what to do about the tracks. Metal tracks seem to be the only way to go, but maybe this will change things? I don’t know how much a set of these costs…
It looks as if they haven’t set the price yet. Other products have prices and a shopping cart function but these tracks haven’t (yet. I hope …).

I was under the impression, according to the Panzerketten book, that the Pz.III/IV tracks stopped at the Type 7. There are two variations of the Type 3 and Type 6 and 3 variations of the Type 5. I’ll try to identify them better, but as the Panzerketten book is written in German, it will take awhile. I am slow at reading it.
But they look nice and hope for the $30ish range, hopefully lower end of the “ish”.

Found my notes I made after reading through it the first time, so here goes my best interpretation. I may get some of this wrong so if I do, please correct me. It’s how we learn.
But here is the best I can decipher:

Their Type 2 appears to be a Type 3a- Type 3b had a solid guide horne
There Type 3 appears to be a Type 4
There Type 4 appears to be a Type 5a- Type 5b and c had solid guide hornes
There Type 5 appears to be a Type 5b
There Type 6 could be a Type 6a without ice cleats
There Type 7 appears to be a Type 6a
There Type 8 appears to be a Type 6b
There Type 9 appears to be a Type 7

Just hope this was informative, last thing I want to do is be seen as a “know it all”, Trust me I know some and definitely not “all” and still trying to learn.



Thanks Walter, very useful information,

Thank you for the kind comments, it is appreciated. Just trying to help.

I would recommend the book PANZERKETTEN by Dr. Peter Schwarzmann. ISBN 978-3-943883-00-8It is written in German, no english subtitles or translations. But it is invaluable in determining the tracks used by German Armor used in WWII. It cover literally it all, from Pz. I to E-100 from Kettenkrad to the “Karl” morser and Goliaths. Tanks, Halftracks, and ? Lots of info, Google translate can help, with good pics of each type of track.

Well worth picking up, can be a bit hard to find. Took me a few months to find mine. But it is invaluable.