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Roden models the Ford V8 in 1/35 scale.

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Looks pretty nice. A couple questions. How different were the German Fords from US versions? Could this be built as a US staff car or civilian car from the era?

US built Ford (1938, see 1937 in post by Evan below) to compare with Rodens German built one.

Split windshield, headlights, pointy hood, depends a little on the model year

I presume that the G in G81A means built in G-ermany

This image was labeled Ford 81A De Luxe Fordor Sedan

Split windshield, hood shape, hood tries to split the grille, headlights in fenders, fenders blend into front body

This on the other hand is a Ford G81A
Single piece windshield, hood does not round down, top of grille is not split, headlights outside fenders, fenders separated

Scalemates also show this as kit nr 818, civilian, rear suicide doors

Ford 1938 DeLuxe Model 81A (no G for Germany) Eight Tudor Sedan

“Knowing your Fords” seems to be a science all of it’s own. I should stay away from it …

Just for the fun of it:
Ford 1939 DeLuxe Sedan

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That’s a '38 Ford. The model looks like a German-built version. In the photo you see a US '37 Ford Fordor. It appears that the only differences between the kit and the US version will be that the latter has “suicide doors” for the rear doors, no chrome (or rather, the chrome was painted over) and the trunk is less streamlined.

There are quite a few kits in 1/32nd scale that would allow one to street rod the Roden kit!

Here’s a US '37 Ford for comparison.

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Welcome to the crowd Evan!

The split windshield was still there on the 1951 model

Seems to have disappeared in 1952 …